About Golden System

We, GOLDEN SYSTEM one of fastest growing Technology base company, incorporated in Bangladesh operating since 2008 ,involve in various product and Solutions In the sector of  Information & communication Technology , Digital Safety and Security ,
GOLDEN System is a company with fresh ideas. It has a strong pedigree in the Bangladesh ICT & security industry and is run by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.
GOLDEN SYSETM provides high-tech and customized solutions to address broad range of IT business needs. As a complete service solutions company, we address all aspects of a product/project development life cycle, ranging from preliminary analysis and design to programming, hardware and software specification, Project implementation, and training. Our team members have extensive experience in the End to End Solution and Integration various hardware and software.

GOLDEN SYSTEM Supply Digital Safety and security product these are imports from America, Japan, Korea Taiwan and China, all these product are well known Brand. We Supply, install, and maintain for our particular to higher-end corporate and government agencies. This product range includes CCTV, Access Control, PABX, IP PABX, Public Addressing System, Fire System, Metal Detector, Baggage Scanner, Vehicle Scanner and Parking Barrier etc.

GOLDEN SYSTEM Ensure Integrated Solutions to Completely Safeguard Your Business and design install and maintain Security solutions to safeguard your business in its entirety. We deliver solutions to help both enterprise and the public sector improve performance, secure assets, and monitor with a fully integrated solution that you can centrally manage your entire Fire and Security provision to create a dynamic and comprehensive system, reducing budget whilst maximising safety.